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I wouldn't normally post several versions of the same story here; I'd eventually make up my mind about whether I want to use this edit or that. But the thing with Through the Looking Glass is, I can't decide which one of these versions is the "right" one. They both feel right in a different way, and when I posted the earlier one, I kept feeling that this one was just as right and should not have been put aside. Eventually, when I let ladyofpride read this second version, she urged me to post it as well, and I've decided to do it now.

Most of it is the same (though there might be an occasional word difference because I edited these versions at different times). The main difference is near the end - the last couple of pages, the seven last paragraphs or so. But it was interesting how much of a difference it seemed to make in characterisation. So I'm posting this alternate take here, for two reasons: to allow a story which feels just as right to me to also be read, and to show that sex does, in fact, tell a great deal about character. Writing sex scenes is not necessarily just because some of us are wicked and love porn; it's also because those scenes really can tell a great deal about the character.

Title: Through the Looking Glass (version 2)
Author: Valancy
Fandom: Tanz der Vampire
Characters: Alfred, White Vampire
Rating: R/Mature

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Another fic for a prompt at comment_fic.

The theme was "moral relativism" and the prompt was (see here: Tanz der Vampire ; Alfred ; He's not particularly evil... as far as vampires go, at least.

Again, the story became a little longer than the comment length which should be the standard for the community, but more fic is the main thing, right?

Title: Angelic
Author: Valancy
Fandom: Tanz der Vampire
Characters: Alfred (post-musical), original male character
Rating: PG-13 or R-ish?
Summary: Alfred is a nice vampire, in his way.

It took Alfred a while to realise that it wasn't only Sarah that could play around with others...Collapse )

Fic: Alfred/Sarah, PG

I wrote this as a reply to a prompt by chiana606 at comment_fic, but it got a little too long for a comment, so I'm posting it here.

The prompt was, under the Hurt/Comfort theme: Tanz der Vampire ; Alfred/Sarah ; There are some things out there that frighten even vampires.

(Will edit in a title once I think of one)

Fandom: Tanz der Vampire

Characters: Alfred, Sarah

Pairing: Alfred/Sarah

Words: 852

Notes: I ended up choosing a very traditional thing for the object of fear; this little idea just jumped into my head and wanted to be written. Not sure this matches the prompt exactly (I wonder if "things out there" should mean something more like "Alfred and Sarah meeth Cthulthu" but I haven't yet read Lovecraft :-P) - but hey, fic written is still a good thing, right?

Alfred is Mihálka Gyuri's version all the way. No idea about Sarah.

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(Also posted at Archive Of Our Own.)

Title: Through the Looking Glass

Author: Valancy

Fandom: Tanz der Vampire

Characters: Alfred, White Vampire

Rating: R-ish (Mature)

Warnings: I don't think there should be anything terribly shocking to people who are fans of the musical, but there's slash and sex. (I believe this works as an invitation rather than a warning to most of my readers.)

Summary: In this labyrinth, not even mirror images are what they seem.

Author's Notes: Sorry for the present tense, for anyone who doesn't like reading it - I normally never write in present tense, but somehow this story seemed to require it. Further notes at the end of the story.

Through the Looking GlassCollapse )

Disclaimers and other general stuff

Disclaimers, rules and such

1. I don't own the copyright to any of the works I'm writing fanfiction of, and don't claim my stories are what actually, unquestionably happens in the canon (that's why it's fanfiction). On the other hand, I own the copyright to everything that is my own creation and not coming directly from the original source material. These stories must not be posted anywhere else without my permission, but you are welcome to link to them.

2. There may be Stuff in these stories. That is, there may be slash, femmeslash, het, gen, sex, violence, dark stuff, rough language, and any number of other things that someone may find objectionable. If you are not willing to read such things, pay attention to warnings, ratings etc. I try to make those accurate, but I'm not always good at rating my stories, and I may in some cases be unwilling to warn about everything that happens so as to not give away the whole story in advance. If you find that my ratings are wrong or that I haven't warned about something I should have warned about, please let me know. Don't expect me to always warn about things that can be expected from the source material. For example, Tybalt is violent, vampires may bite, and Crown Prince Rudolf did commit suicide.

3. I'm not a native English speaker, though I try my best. If you find language errors that have slipped past my betas, I'll be grateful if you point them out to me.

4. Comments are the most welcome, though not required. You can friend this journal without friending my regular one, or read this journal without friending it.

5. I suck at titles. I thought I'd say it here once and for all so I don't always have to apologise at each separate story having a lousy title. If you find a good title on occasion, that's a pure accident (or someone's helped me).


Title: A Meeting
Author: Valancy
Words: 200
Fandoms: Tanz der Vampire / Spring Awakening
Characters: Alfred, Moritz
Notes: windelitte suggested someone should write a crossover fic about Alfred (Tanz der Vampire) and Moritz (Spring Awakening, new Hungarian version). I saw the "cross-a-drabble" meme and started thinking about it, and ended up writing this - though it’s 200 words, not 100, since I possibly couldn’t express enough in just 100 words so I made it double. I want to write a longer story than this, but while looking for the idea for that, I thought this would do for a taste and an introduction of sorts. I’ll expand it into a full-length story later, I hope.

(Moritz is based on Mihálka Gyuri's interpretation in the new Hungarian production, with a nod to the original play. As for Alfred, I was mostly thinking of Pásztor Ádám's version when I started this, but it doesn't mean it won't work with others.)

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Since I finished and posted my Yuletide story already yesterday, I allowed myself to finish this Alfred/Herbert Tanz der Vampire fic that I had started. It's especially for elnischan because she wanted one and it got me to stop just thinking about writing such a fic and actually doing it. But it's equally for anyone else who would enjoy it!

It doesn't have a title yet because I suck at thinking up them. When I come up with one and maybe get this beta-read and stuff, I might post it on my brand-new Archive Of Our Own account that I've got thanks to Yuletide.

Oh, and a language-related note: while I was writing this, Word kept on informing me that the word "menuet" doesn't exist in English. After checking it, I discovered that the English-speakers have an odd habit of writing it "minuet". I think that's a weird spelling and I'm very stubbornly not using it. So in the case anyone wonders, I'm going à la française on purpose.

Other story info:

Fandom: Tanz der Vampire
Characters: Alfred, Herbert (with brief appearances by Sarah and Krolock)
Rating: R
Description: Herbert finds Alfred during the ball and tries a slightly more moderate approach on him. Slightly. AU, slash.
Warnings (or promises, however you look at them): Vampire stuff, some sexual stuff, slash. I think this manages to be both dark and cute. Anyone who knows the canon should know that Herbert is more eager than Alfred about both the vampire stuff and the sexual stuff, but it's not non-con.

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Title: The Price of Moonlight
Fandom: Szentivánéji álom (Midsummer Night's Dream musical
Rating: PG-13
Description: Lysander/Oberon, slash, post-musical. This is with second cast Lysander and Oberon and so quite separate from my previous Lysander/Oberon fic.

Not beta-read, so do tell me if I left in anything exceedingly stupid that should be corrected.

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Just making an announcement that from now on, there may sometimes be fics which I'm only posting under a friends-lock. There have been fics I've written lately which I'm not comfortable posting publicly because of the descriptiveness of the sex, the darkness level etc. I know that there are far "worse" fics in that respect posted publicly, but in some cases I don't really feel like posting everything publicly even if other people post stuff that's much worse. So basically, whenever I feel like it a fic will be posted under a friends-lock. If you want to make sure you can post everything I write here, you should friend me so that I know to friend you back, or if you don't want to grant me access to your friends-only post, just comment here or somewhere and request that I add you. I'll add anyone who seems like a real person and not a bot and who I don't have a particular reason not to add.

Speaking of bots, for some reason this journal is getting friended by them a lot, so I'm not friending back any suspicious-looking journals of users I don't know from elsewhere. If I'm not friending you back, you might want to drop me a comment or a PM to make sure I know you're a real person.

And yeah, just now I did post a fic under a friends lock. A Mercutio/Tybalt fic based on Rómeó és Júlia, if you're wondering. Other stuff will come up when I get them finished. Other publicly-postable stuff will come up when I get them finished.


Introducing my first ever operetta slash! I feel so cultivated! Ha. I've seen the Operettszínház production of Imre Kálmán's Die Bajadere / A Bajadér a few times, and I told myself I'd see if I can slash Radjami and Szapáry once I see Dolhai Attila and Szabó Dávid in those roles at the same time. I did, and decided immediately I could slash them, and plotted a couple of stories right during the performance (well, "plotted" may be a strong word, but anyway). Here is the first of them, it's mostly PWP teasing rather than much actually happening.

Fandom: A Bajadér / Die Bajader (Kálmán operetta)
Characters: Prince Radjami, Sándor Szapáry
Rating: PG-13 or R?
Summary: Radjami searchs for a distraction before the wedding.

Author's notes/Introduction: For those unfamiliar with the story, Radjami is an Indian Prince who is in love with a primadonna, Odette Darimonde. Szapáry (possibly called something else in other versions of the operetta) is a young Hungarian journalist who is desperately in love with a soubrette of the theatre and tries to impress her by pretending he has had great adventures and knows Prince Rajdami. He doesn't really, but Radjami decides to use him as a witness to his planned wedding with Odette, as he will need two witnesses he knows back from India and doesn't actually have more than one. I totally thought when watching this operetta earlier that I could slash these two, but I needed to first get my favourite actors in each role at once, Dolhai Attila as Radjami and Szabó Dávid as Szapáry. After seeing them this was no problem, because they had such cute interactions together.

This little fic takes place after Radjami has hypnotised (so he thinks) Odette into marrying him, but before the wedding. There'll be a longer fic about events after the wedding once I get around to writing it.

This is unbetaed, because I feel I've showered my poor beta with enough fics and this seemed short enough that I figured I could just trust I've weeded out most idiocies myself, and I felt like posting it right away. If I've left in anything really stupid, you can tell me.

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