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Hall of Mirrors - A fanfic journal

Musical and other rare fandom fics

28 May 1982
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This is the fan fiction writing journal of valancystar (known as Valancy on various musical-related internet forums). Feel free to read, and to add on friends list if you want to. You don't need to have my regular journal friended for that.

The fanfics here will mainly be based on my favourite musicals, though it's possible I will also sometimes get ideas for fics based on something else. Most likely I will write for rare fandoms, because if there are lots of people writing a variety of fics for a fandom, I tend to lose interest in developing my own ideas. Currently most of my imagination is spinning around Hungarian productions of musicals, especially Rómeó és Júlia, Elisabeth and Szentivánéji álom (a Hungarian Midsummer Night's Dream musical), but anything may come up.

There is a disclaimer and rules post up in my journal, posted so that it will always be the first one, and I expect you to have read that or to accept its contents without reading if you're reading these stories. In summary: I'm not intending to breach any copyright and I don't claim ownership to the ideas which aren't mine. And there will probably be slash, femmeslash, dark stuff, sexuality and ratings higher than PG-13, so if you don't like that, don't read it. There will also be gen and het. All depends on which stories I get around to writing. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.