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So, I'm continuing to do something about my pile of unposted stories. This one was written back in January or February and I actually really liked it when I wrote it, but then got typically self-conscious about editing it... Though partly it's also just been that I've been busy ever since I got it back from my beta, which was some time already. So, have a Szentivánéji álom fic, a rather long and possibly somewhat mushy Oberon/Lysander slashfic.

Title: Behind the Secret Door
Fandom: Szentivánéji álom (A Midsummer Night's Dream), the Hungarian musical based on the Shakespeare play
Characters: Lysander, Oberon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash and stuff like that.
Summary: One night, Lysander wakes up and remembers.

Author's notes: For anyone who doesn't know, the Hungarian musical Szentivánéji álom differs from the Shakespeare play in a few important respects. For example, Lysander and Oberon meet in the musical and share a very intense (and slashy) duet about Lysander being attracted by the fairy world and Oberon by the mortal one. At the end of the scene Oberon makes Lysander fall asleep and forget, but it seems in the end of the show that Lysander still vaguely remembers something. For another change, near the end of the musical, Oberon and Titania become human because Titania is angry at Oberon for tricking her and decides to use the magic juice against him and (instead of doing something interesting like making him fall in love with Bottom or Lysander) makes him fall in love with her even more and agree to her request that they should both become human. So they enter the mortal world and remain there, presumably for good. I don't much like this latter plot change, but I figured I would use it for this fic and explore what might happen when Oberon is living in the mortal world but not necessarily comfortable there, and he and Lysander still somehow remember their longing for each other.

Szabó P. Szilveszter's Oberon and Dolhai Attila's Lysander. I don't think there's any chance of mistaking them for the second cast versions (though I'd really like to write them some time, too).

The "secret door" stuff comes from the lyrics of the Oberon/Lysander duet, what I understand of it.

Thanks to seek_shangrila for beta-reading. If any mistakes remain, it's probably because I changed also other stuff than what she commented on and didn't get another proofreading for them.

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Taking Measures (Rudolf, Taaffe)

So, I'm trying to stop sucking at actually posting my finished stories. This one was written a few months back and seek_shangrila betaed it also a long time ago, but somehow I haven't gotten finished with the corrections and changes. Here it's now. Short fic of Rudolf and Taaffe, gen as far as I know (thank goodness). I'll try to get around to posting certain other fics some time soon, too.

Title: Taking Measures
Fandom: By enough stretch, sort of Rudolf the musical. Meaning mainly that the Taaffe here is based mostly on Homonnay Zsolt's version of him. My Rudolf is firmly my own, based on history, though he has an odd tendency to look like Dolhai Attila in my mind, and the story has nothing in particular to do with the musical's version of Rudolf's life and takes place before any of it happens.
Rating: PG-13, I guess, for mentions of suicide and mental issues.
Characters: Rudolf, Taaffe
Summary: Taaffe comes to talk to Rudolf after having been visited by Mizzi Caspar.

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Reconciliation (Tybalt/Mercutio)

So, this is just a silly piece of fic that was born out of a discussion between me and larisch (accompanied by heline) when we were sitting in the Mozart Café in Budapest, I was overdosing on chocolate, and we were talking about all sorts of things related to musicals. At one point we began to wonder what's in Tybalt's locket, and larisch had a suggestion. I decided I needed to write a fic about what might happen if that was true. It's not beta-read because I didn't feel like bothering that much over a short silly thing and because I suck at actually making the edits to my beta-read texts (sorry about that) so if I sent it to be betaed, it might take weeks to actually get it posted.

I still have some plans to write serious Tybalt/Mercutio fic, but somehow I'm writer's-blocked about that, so at least I'm posting this.

This is Szilveszter's Tybalt, Zoltán's Mercutio, Attila's Romeo and MÁZs's Benvolio, ie. the DVD cast.

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And my third Yuletide story from Yuletide 2008. This one is very short. A brief Yuletide treat for BluePeople who wanted Mercutio/Tybalt slash. I really, really wanted to write a proper-length amazing Mercutio/Tybalt story but I didn't have time for that. I figured I'd at least get started and that even a bit of Mercutio/Tybalt is better than no Mercutio/Tybalt, so I wrote this. I'm not sure how happy I am with this, I wanted to do something much better, but I'll have to do that later. I do have ideas and some started stories, I just need to get around to properly writing one of them. Meanwhile, have this.

Title: Reward
Fandom: Roméo et Juliette (musical)
Rating: R, I think...
Summary: Tybalt wants to punish Mercutio.
Author's notes:: Based on the Hungarian DVD versions of the characters.

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In Silence (Elisabeth)

Another Yuletide story. This was a Yuletide treat, a little less than 1000 words, written for fyrie in her request for Franz-Joseph fic from Elisabeth. This is really more history than musical based, but there are some vague references to the musical, too. It was written rather quickly on Christmas Eve so that it might go up before Christmas Day, so any faults in quality I will blame on the lack of time. I liked writing it, it made me realise how much quiet potential there is in this character, too.

Title: In Silence
Fandom: Elisabeth
Rating: G
Summary: Franz-Joseph receives the news of Elisabeth's death.

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Wayward Dreams (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

I apologise for my long silence here again. I've been busy with life. However, I have some stories I've been needing to post. I'm going to start by posting the Yuletide fics I wrote. Those of you who've read them on the Yuletide site will find nothing new, but for the sake of being organised, I want to have all my fics here, too. In the near future I'll also have new fics to post. There are a few I just need to finish editing a bit.

This one is my main Yuletide story, written for Mirrorofsin. The fandom is Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream - the play, not the Hungarian musical version of which I will also surely have fics up in the near future. The prompt was for Oberon/Titania romance. The original play is too crazy for me to be able to write any romance in it that seriously. Anyway, I had great fun writing this, and I hope some people will enjoy reading it.

Title:Wayward Dreams
Fandom:: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Rating: G
Summary Oberon wants to revenge Titania for an affair with a mortal.

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Title: Raging Comfort

Author: Valancy

Fandom: Roméo et Juliette (Hungarian production)

Rating: R or thereabouts. Let me know if you disagree, I'm bad at ratings.

Words: 7841

Characters: Tybalt, Paris

Pairings: Tybalt/Paris. References to at least Tybalt/Lady Capulet, Tybalt's crush on Juliet and Paris's plans of marrying Juliet.

Warnings: Slash, non-graphic sex, some violence and violent imagery, some rough language.

Summary: Paris wants to talk to Tybalt after the ball. Things ensue.

Author's notes: Many thanks to seek_shangrila for beta-reading and other comments! She did a great job, and if any mistakes are left those are my fault. I really cannot title stories, ever, and this title is probably not very good, but I couldn't think of a better one and got tired of waiting to find a good one. If I think of a better title later, I will change it and make a note of it.

Based on the Hungarian DVD version of Roméo et Juliette and the characters of Tybalt and Paris as interpreted by Szabó P. Szilveszter and Homonnay Zsolt. No, I don't know either why the first fic I actually completed about the Hungarian Roméo et Juliette is Tybalt/Paris. I totally thought I would write Tybalt/Mercutio, Tybalt/Lady Capulet or something. But here it is. Blame my muse for getting inspired by strange ideas, and blame fyrie and ciarana for pointing out to me that on the Hungarian DVD, Paris totally checks out Tybalt during the ball. Blame Homonnay Zsolt for indeed doing that, and Szilveszter for generally being so slashable, hot, angsty, raging, and inspiring as Tybalt.
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Sillyfic: Masters of the Strings

So... I know I haven't posted here in ages, and this following story is not exactly of high literary value, but I thought I'd post at least something. I'm hoping that in the near future I'll get a couple of finished fics edited and posted, and I have several others waiting to be finished. When I finally get my graduation thesis finished, I should be more active in fic-writing, I hope. I'm sorry for the long silence.

Title: The Masters of the Strings

Author: Valancy

Fandom: Uh... Kind of sort of Rudolf - The Last Kiss, I guess. Though not really. But there's Taaffe. Lots of Taaffes, in fact.

Genre: Humour (I call it sillyfic because it really doesn't attempt to be anything vaguely serious or high-quality)

Rating: Um... PG? PG-13? I don't know how to rate non-graphic violence in a story that is not exactly serious.

Notes: Thanks to seek_shangrila for providing some of the inspiration and beta-reading this! Dubious thanks to Uwe Kröger and the Vienna "Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling" casting people for inspiration (a.k.a. need to write this in order to let out anger that they chose Uwe Kröger out of all people to play Count Taaffe, who he really really doesn't have the voice for). Homonnay Zsolt and Földes Tamás also to be thanked for providing Taaffes who can be taken seriously and can sing. I do not mean harm to the real Uwe Kröger and do not hate him (I quite like him as Maxim de Winter), but Taaffe is just totally the wrong role for him.

Summary: The Hungarian Taaffes hear Uwe Kröger's Taaffe butchering their song and retaliate.

Warnings: May not be suitable for die-hard Uwe fans who lack a sense of humour. Writer does not guarantee high quality for this story.

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Elisabeth fic: At the Edge of the Abyss

I'm posting the first fic here; this was written for hawkfromhandsaw, an Altered Mental States Ficathon, in September 2007. I haven't read it since, because I'm in the phase where I can't bear to reread it, so while it's possible that it could use a bit more editing and rewriting, at the moment I can't do it. I hope it's still all right.

In the ficathon we were given prompts, and this is what spurred this story: Prompt and spoilers: “Insanity-- a perfectly rational adjustment to the insane world.”
--R.D. Laing

A general note: titles aren't my strong point. For the most part, you'll probably be stuck with English translations of lyrics from the relevant musical that fit the story at least somehow.

And I'll stop making excuses now and give you the story.

Title: At the Edge of the Abyss
Author: Valancy
Fandom and characters: Elisabeth (the Kunze/Lévay musical); Elisabeth and Death
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Death pays Elisabeth a visit during her lonely, restless years.

Many thanks to clarinetqueen for beta-reading! She did a great job, and any mistakes in English etc. that remain are only my fault.

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