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Disclaimers and other general stuff

Disclaimers, rules and such

1. I don't own the copyright to any of the works I'm writing fanfiction of, and don't claim my stories are what actually, unquestionably happens in the canon (that's why it's fanfiction). On the other hand, I own the copyright to everything that is my own creation and not coming directly from the original source material. These stories must not be posted anywhere else without my permission, but you are welcome to link to them.

2. There may be Stuff in these stories. That is, there may be slash, femmeslash, het, gen, sex, violence, dark stuff, rough language, and any number of other things that someone may find objectionable. If you are not willing to read such things, pay attention to warnings, ratings etc. I try to make those accurate, but I'm not always good at rating my stories, and I may in some cases be unwilling to warn about everything that happens so as to not give away the whole story in advance. If you find that my ratings are wrong or that I haven't warned about something I should have warned about, please let me know. Don't expect me to always warn about things that can be expected from the source material. For example, Tybalt is violent, vampires may bite, and Crown Prince Rudolf did commit suicide.

3. I'm not a native English speaker, though I try my best. If you find language errors that have slipped past my betas, I'll be grateful if you point them out to me.

4. Comments are the most welcome, though not required. You can friend this journal without friending my regular one, or read this journal without friending it.

5. I suck at titles. I thought I'd say it here once and for all so I don't always have to apologise at each separate story having a lousy title. If you find a good title on occasion, that's a pure accident (or someone's helped me).