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Fic: Alfred/Sarah, PG

I wrote this as a reply to a prompt by chiana606 at comment_fic, but it got a little too long for a comment, so I'm posting it here.

The prompt was, under the Hurt/Comfort theme: Tanz der Vampire ; Alfred/Sarah ; There are some things out there that frighten even vampires.

(Will edit in a title once I think of one)

Fandom: Tanz der Vampire

Characters: Alfred, Sarah

Pairing: Alfred/Sarah

Words: 852

Notes: I ended up choosing a very traditional thing for the object of fear; this little idea just jumped into my head and wanted to be written. Not sure this matches the prompt exactly (I wonder if "things out there" should mean something more like "Alfred and Sarah meeth Cthulthu" but I haven't yet read Lovecraft :-P) - but hey, fic written is still a good thing, right?

Alfred is Mihálka Gyuri's version all the way. No idea about Sarah.

When Alfred and Sarah got away to a little park corner, he collapsed in a tearful heap under the chestnut tree.

She tried clicking her tongue disapprovingly. It didn't help.

"You just had to go there, didn't you?" she said then. "Look at what you've done to yourself!"
It only made him curl up in a ball and cry harder, shaking. She couldn't help that it made her heart clutch a little. Damn it. Wasn't she supposed to be tough enough not to care, now that she was a vampire?

Maybe it didn't work that way.

She knelt down. "Come on, darling, don't be so sad." She stroked his hair for a bit. "It's all gone, the bad cross and priest and wafers and everything. I'll protect you, like you've protected me." He liked believing that he had protected her, once. And in his way he had. It wasn't his fault she hadn't wanted to be protected. He had meant well. And it had been really cute.

And this was, too. Even if he looked like a mess with all that crying.

"But it's not supposed to be bad!" he stammered in between sobs.

"It is. We're vampires. Religious things make us afraid."

"But… why?"

"I don't know."

"Why does something that comforted us once now hurt us and make us afraid? You told me we wouldn't be afraid anymore."

It annoyed her when he began to ask questions like this. But she didn't want to scare him even more, so she stroked his cheek. "Well, not of the things we used to be afraid of."
"Is it then because it used to bring me comfort and peace, that it now brings me pain and fear? So everything's just turned the other way around than it used to be?"

"I suppose so," she said a little impatiently. But then he stopped crying and looked thoughtful and curious, and she liked that look on his face so much that she didn't want to be angry at him. Instead she kissed the bridge of his nose and then pulled him tightly to her breast. "Just stay there, darling, and don’t think of such silly things anymore. Why did you have to go there? I'm sure your silly professor taught you what it does to us."

"I know, but… It was such a beautiful church, with pretty little rose windows and such beautiful arches, and I heard a chorus inside and they were like angels… And I was feeling so lonely and desperate, and previously I always went to church and prayed a little when I was lonely and desperate, and then I felt better, and I just didn't think that I couldn't do it anymore…" He was crying again.

"But sweetie, why on earth were you feeling lonely and desperate? You've got the world at your feet now, this wild and gorgeous city…"

"But you weren't there."


"You'd been gone for so long. I missed you, and knew you were with someone else, and it was making me angry and I'm not used to knowing what to do when I'm angry, because I wanted to rip someone limb to limb but I didn't think it would help and it sounds like a scary idea, doesn't it? And I missed you so terribly much, I don't think this city is anywhere as beautiful if I can't run around it with you, and I was afraid you had gone away for good and I'd face an eternity without you, and this whole city without anyone to play with in it, it's not fun without…"

"I'm sure you could find tons of people to play with, you pretty boy."

"But I want you." At those words he looked up, his eyes clear and wide with long wet lashes.
Hard-hearted as Sarah had told herself she would now be, in this new life, there was something about the frank gaze of those eyes as that made something inside her melt. It was strange how he could still be so… innocent and true after she had made a blood-sucking monster out of him. So she stroked his hair and said: "Don't worry, I'm here, and I will be here, always."

"You will?" He sounded so hopeful and eager that she just had to kiss him right there. And then that was so nice that she just forgot herself and their surroundings and churches and tears and everything, and especially because one thing that had changed since she turned him was that his kisses now quickly became filled with fire and honey, and his hands could move ever so sweetly on her skin as soon as she let them.

"Of course I will," she said in between kisses. "I may play around with other pretties that I find, but I would never be able to find anyone as sweet as you. Not in a thousand years."

And as she led him under shadowy bushes to forget all that tormented him, she felt in her heart that it had to be true, that there couldn't be anyone like him.


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Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:11 am (UTC)
This is possibly the most sweetly romantic Alfred/Sarah fic ever
(not that there's an awful lot of Alfred/Sarah fic, but you know...
). I like that Sarah has a heart after all. :)

And I do imagine that not being able to go into a church would tear Alfred up sometimes.

Thank you! :)
Feb. 22nd, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I warn you, I have another surprisingly romantic (if it does turn out that way) story in my head once I have time to write it.

(I did mean, though, that he's crying not only because he can't go to a church anymore but because he got scared by how it felt and then got upset that such a thing would scare him now... Don't know if I managed to communicate that well enough.)

Btw, thank you for the story you wrote, only I think you posted your reply to the wrong comment. *g* So I'm not commenting there yet in the case you want to move it to the right prompt.
Feb. 23rd, 2011 09:21 am (UTC)
Ooh, lovely! I love seeing Sarah and Alfred together without von Krolock there to mess things up. :-) After all, those two leave the castle together, supposedly to begin the vampires' world domination, so it is interesting to see their interaction as a pair.

And very Alfred-like indeed, all that confusion and fear when faced with new and frightening things. I mean, he was just learning how to deal with vampires as a human and suddenly, he's one of them himself; his whole world turning upside down. Must be rather unsettling.

The Sarah that came to my mind when reading this, was the early Zsanett-Sarah. Still nice and sympathetic, but already going bit by bit towards the "not having a heart, at least not when it comes to Alfred". :-)
Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I'd really like to write more of these two because I think their interactions can be quite interesting and I want to know what becomes of them after they leave the castle, and how they deal with being vampires. I can imagine that Alfred would very easily forget to think about the implications of being a vampire and not be able to deal with little details like this. :-D

You're right, I think, it is the closest to an early Zsanett-Sarah. Anna-Sarah would be a bit different.
Mar. 12th, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
Awww...It saddens me that Alfred got a proverbial thrashing from the church, but I actually really like how you portrayed Sarah. She's sweet in her own twisted, vampiric way.

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